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created by professors

The narbutt_lesiak created by professors brand was born out of respect and understanding of the needs of human skin, which we have spent many years getting to know.

We are professors of dermatology, so the skin – the largest organ of the human body – has no secrets for us. We know it from the deepest layer up to the most delicate, visible one. Taking into consideration the conditions modern women live in, our vast clinical experience has made us understand what their skin needs the most.

Narbutt & Lesiak
As clinicians, we are first and foremost honest when it comes to the design of our products, and we focus on meeting real needs of our customers.
and understanding

The NARBUTT_LESIAK brand is the result of our long-standing friendship and the deep trust we have in each other.

Therefore, we spent a long time looking for a suitable name that would reflect the values we live and work by. After a long consideration, we found it in a combination of our family names – after all, we have worked hard to make names for ourselves throughout our academic careers.

NARBUTT_LESIAK is also the name of our scientific profile on the social media to stay in touch with patients, doctors, and friends. We have been friends and colleagues for years, and we take the best care of that relationship – just like for our patients’ skin. This care for one another is what matters most to us.

created by professors

Created by professors of dermatology

of narbutt_lesiak brand

We have created a series of cosmetics, the best of their kind. We did not want to succumb to cosmetic fads or be limited by the costs of raw materials.

We are committed to delivering the highest possible quality, without any shortcuts or unnecessary additives.

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